Highlight Syntax Everywhere

The difference is obvious. Use code editor with a syntax highlight feature everywhere you need!

Plain text editor with source code


Rich source code editor with syntax highlight
Features of CodeHighlight extension

Goal of The Project

The goal of the project is to provide an ability to add syntax highlight feature everywhere you need.

There are a tons of cases when you need to write some part of code right in a web page. It can be custom CSS code for a WordPress theme, small piece of HTML markup inside your CMS or anything else. As usual, the task is quite small. But it will be much more convenient to type your code in a reach code editor instead of a plain text field.

We've created the browser extension which will help you to turn any text field into the powerful code editor tool with a syntax highlight feature.

Another useful feature of the extension is an ability to add syntax highlighting to any text document opened in the browser.


Global Coverage

CodeHighlight supports over 30 different programming languages

Tight Integration

CodeHighlight works with the most of modern CMS like WordPress and Joomla

Unmatched Productivity

Emmet.io plugin allows you to write your code much more faster

How it Works

The extension is extremely simple. You just need to press right mouse button on a plain text editor or text document and choose necessary programming language (see the screenshot).

We're going to add more powerful features to the extension in the future versions. But now we want to keep beta version as simple as possible and collect some feedback form a users. So, feel free to share with us your ideas and thoughts!

How to use CodeHighlight extension
ToDo list for CodeHighlight extension

Future Versions

We've in mind a wide list of features for the next versions of the extension.

For example, it should be possible to choose different themes and configure various code editing options for each supported programming language.

Finally, CodeHighlight should become really powerful and convenient tool for developers. Anyway, we will be glad to get any kind of feedback from you.

Known Problems

Beta version of the extension works quite good, but still has some minor problems.

We're working on troubleshooting them, and make the product much more better. Your feedback is very important for us and allows us to understand how to improve CodeHighlight even more.

So, please be patient and share with us any problems you faced with the extension. We promise to do everything possible to make it really convenient and bug free.

Known problems of the extension

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